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Join Our Team

Today, the Singapore Bar is facing tremendous transformational changes and challenges, from foreign competition to the advent of digital disruption.

This Firm embraces challenges! 

To thrive in the new normal, the lawyers of this firm are infinitely aware that we must continue to develop broad knowledge, deep specialisation and wide networks. Grit, work ethic and integrity are givens. 

What can we offer you?

  • Mentorship in every aspect of life and practice.
  • Close supervision and guidance, day in and day out.
  • Hands on experience and opportunities to make mistakes and grow.

Ultimately, our singular objective is to mould you into a consummate advocate, ready, willing and able to serve the firm's clients (and later your own) with distinction, to thrive in the new landscape and forge your own destiny. If you have the guts, the gumption and the gravitas, join us.

We are currently looking to hire trainees for RLT or Training Contracts for 2020.

We are always keen to hire highly motivated associates who we deem to be of pre-partner calibre.

Please submit your application with a full CV, cover letter and transcripts to

Our best wishes in your endeavours!